「NEKO-SAN KILL! KILL!」produced by ヲノサトル 1999







Limited to 50 on brick red tape, 30 available in the US.  20 available from Yuko herself!

A true hidden gem of improvised sound art, glitched-out field recordings, and MIDI galore all the way from Japan in 1999!

乳がんの闘病記録を綴ったがんフォト&エッセイを発売中です。 My photo & essai book about my breast cancer and mental disorder now on sale!

双極性気分障害(躁うつ)のアーティストに、乳がんが発覚! 抗がん剤治療、左乳房全摘手術……あたし、いったいどーなっちゃうのっ?


#tbk_yuko by YukoNexus6

Breast cancer is found in an artist with bipolar mood disorder (manic depression)! Anticancer drug treatment, left breast total puncture … …. what should I do?

Record of fighting illness announced on Twitter – affirms itself while crying, annoying, or laughing. New (breast) cancer photo & essay that has never existed before!


# tbk_yuko by YukoNexus 6

**Japanese edition, partly in English

Published in January 2019 from Bunanomori.


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